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BecauseYouGoogledMe, here I am. Or maybe you're here because of a search gone wrong. Regardless, thanks for visiting - A website created by, and dedicated to, Dan Christensen; a digital marketing specialist, and creative content marketer.

Showcased and curated within this website are my creative experiments and professional experience. Some things have been shared just for fun. Others are more buttoned-up. But all of them are mine. The good and the bad.

This entire website, along with all the social media profiles, pages, blogs and images, are a brand-building experiment.  The hypothesis: If I create a brand (BecauseYouGoogledMe) from scratch, will it ever be discovered? The conclusion: Here I am.

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Director of Digital Marketing & Social Media

Develop digital marketing strategies. Manage content marketing campaigns. Interpret web analytics and offer insights on performance.

Manage a team of content marketers, creatives and account managers. Develop targeted social media campaigns to increase growth, impressions and engagement.  Provide consultation, to B2B and B2C brands, on digital marketing strategies. Audit web analytics and propose detailed methods for optimizing assets and improving organic search discovery.

I manage social media pages for clients across multiple business sectors, geographic markets and customer demographics. On average, clients achieved a 15% increase in fans/followers, 20% increase in impressions/reach, and 5% increase in engagement rate, within 6 months.



Just for Fun

The Elfie: The Selfie's Best Friend

Nope. No. Nah. The Real World Ain't Fun at All.


UHM (Unguaranteed Humor Memes)