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Spray Febreze Upon Exit: The Story of a Misplaced Worker

My desk at work is right next to the bathroom. And I don’t mean a restroom with stalls. I’m referring to a broom closet with a toilet. Five feet from my keyboard, people are making bodily noises I wouldn’t wish upon the ears of my enemies. Worst of all, the acoustics of the bathroom lends itself to echoes. Repeatedly reminding me I need new headphones.


Unviral Videos

It Ain't Fun Living in the Real World

Nope. No. Nah. The Real World Ain't Fun at All.

The Elfie: The Selfies Best Friend

Introducing the Elfie. The selfie's best friend. No more missing likes on your selfies. Or your phone blocking the good parts. The Elfie is the hands-free selfie solution you've been waiting for.

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Modern Office with Christina Hendricks

Smoking, drinking and faxing with Christina Hendricks in the Modern Office. 

Smoking, drinking and faxing with Christina Hendricks in the Modern Office. 

The Memes that Will Cause World War 3

Spirited Retirees Reenact Pop Culture Scenes for (Another) Calendar

A very sexy calendar of senior citizens.   

A very sexy calendar of senior citizens. 


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"I'm Walken Here!"

I'm Walken Here

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The Great Gatsby Cheers

Big Lebowski Dream Sequence

Big Lebowski Dream Sequence

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You Know Something Jon Snow

Fifteen an Hour or Else...

Pay No Attention to the Luigi Behind the Curtain