I'm Usually Modest, But Let Me Explain

In October of 2013, I was challenged to create a one day event at the GameTime – Tampa venue. The goal, as assigned by the CEO, was to get as many people possible in venue, on a single day. The underlying problem, as the CEO saw it, was the GameTime – Tampa venue was still unknown in the area, and too many potential customers were unaware the venue existed. My mission was to create, develop, promote and organize this one day event, with an “as needed,” and “case-by-case” budget.


As the Director of Marketing, with a single, part-time graphic designer working under me, it was my responsibility to first research the demographic near the GameTime – Tampa venue. While researching and analyzing the data, a concept began to emerge.


With the end-of-year holiday season quickly approaching, I realized a tie-in would be beneficial. The concept I began strategizing, was to piggyback upon Black Friday; with a twist. As Black Friday is a day when consumers are encouraged to spend, GameTime would have a day encouraging guests to save. The promotion became known as “GameTime Gives Thanks,” and was held the Saturday after Thanksgiving and Black Friday. For an entire day, GameTime – Tampa would offer unlimited and free video arcade game play for all guests. The promotion centered its messaging around the idea of: "being thankful for all the guests that visit and pay to keep GameTime’s doors open, and GameTime would like to give back with a day of free video games."


As Director of Marketing at GameTime, my responsibilities are vast and multifaceted. I solely manage Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+. I manage, edit and create all content for the website, utilizing a WordPress CMS. I develop, create and implement daily and weekly promotions, design marketing collateral and write all copy. I manage the sole, part-time graphic designer; along with supervise the sales/event coordinators at each of the six GameTime venues. And to succeed with this particular marketing campaign, I had to include each of these responsibilities.


In one month, I designed the GameTime Gives Thanks logo, tagline and description. Utilizing a creative brief I wrote, along with a series of mock-up designs I created in Photoshop, I assigned the graphic designer to develop content for: posters, social media posts, emails, in-store collateral, flyers and direct mailers. I used this artwork to schedule and send daily/weekly social media posts and emails. Facebook promoted posts and ads were used to increase impressions and engagement. I wrote and submitted a press release. A street team was created, under my supervision, to distribute "Golden Ticket" die-cut flyers, promoting the event. A Google AdWords campaign was implemented to promote targeted keywords in the geographic area. A direct mailer was designed and distributed to over 25 thousand local residents. All work was created, designed, scheduled, organized, supervised, written and promoted by me.


As a result, on Saturday, November 30, 2013, GameTime – Tampa saw an increase in guests of over 1000%. Despite all video games being free for the day, sales of food and drink were higher than comparable days, along with an increase in birthday party bookings. In fact, there was a line of over 100 people waiting outside the door before opening. This has never occurred on any other day in GameTime history.


Overall I am abundantly proud of what I accomplished, with little outside assistance. I was provided an open-ended challenge, and went above-and-beyond with success. But I  tend toward modesty, so let me explain. I did not accomplish all of this by myself. The graphic designer played a big role in creating the final artwork. Constant Contact made emailing a targeted list simpler. The sales/event coordinators, along with street team members worked the phones and streets to interact and promote the event face-to-face. PRWeb helped distribute the press release I wrote. Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest all assisted with attracting and engaging an audience online. And of course the CEO and COO provided funds and guidance. Without any, or all, of these people, groups and platforms, the “GameTime Gives Thanks” event would have never succeeded.