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LinkedIn is the professional’s social media platform. It’s also the ideal tool for today’s salespeople. As of Q1 ‘15, LinkedIn had 364 million users; 107 million in the U.S. alone.

The old, tried-and-true, sales techniques, of cold-calling, networking and prospecting still work. But with LinkedIn as an additional sales tool, these techniques can be improved.

Curated below are a few tools, tips and tricks that salespeople can use to optimize their lead generation skills. Included are some resources LinkedIn provides to members looking to get more out of their social media experience; along with tips from several successful online marketing gurus.


Sales Navigator


LinkedIn offers a (paid) service, called Sales Navigator. LinkedIn describes the service as follows:

LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps you find the right prospects, fast. With LinkedIn’s sophisticated algorithm, this sales tool gives you lead recommendations that are tailored to you. Easily save leads and follow updates of your prospects to turn cold calling into warm conversations.

An investment in this LinkedIn tool will greatly expand a salesperson’s, network and pool of potential leads. With advanced search features, lead-building tools and analytics, the Sales Navigator can enhance a salesperson’s tried-and-true techniques. The potential ROI for this tool makes worth consideration.


LinkedIn eBook


LinkedIn offers its very own free eBook, titled, 7 Social Selling Tips to Drive Revenue and Crush your Quote.

Portions of the eBook, its Table of Contents, and a brief introduction, can all be found in the link above.

The free eBook provides tips, such as:

  • Addressing Changing Buyer Behavior

  • Identifying the Right People in Target Organizations

  • Taking Advantage of Team Buying

  • Identifying the Right Topics to Talk About

The entire eBook can be downloaded, for free, simply by providing some personal information (most of which can be uploaded/auto-filled directly from your LinkedIn profile).


The 3 Step Approach


Jeff Molander is an adjunct digital marketing faculty member at Loyola University’s business school, and a self-proclaimed authority on social selling. Across Jeff’s website and social media profiles, are valuable social selling tips, tricks and techniques; most of which can be incorporated by salespeople across industries.

Jeff offers many tips for Using LinkedIn for Sales Prospecting and Leads, on his website. In addition, you can find multiple blogs, articles and online courses published on his site.

Much of the advice Jeff provides is helpful, especially to salespeople; and I suggest reviewing as much of it as time permits. But I’d like to concentrate on one specific tip Jeff offers:

Start using LinkedIn to:

  1. Answer: Answer your target customers’ common, everyday questions in ways that bring them toward your product.

  2. Provoke: Design interactions with prospects in ways that get them to ask you for MORE answers relating to their ultimate goal.

  3. Exchange: Provide comprehensive answers and solutions to prospects in exchange for their email address and/or other qualitative information.


Lead Generation


For the salesperson, LinkedIn can be a valuable a tool; with a very specific, and functional, purpose. But like all tools, with just a little creativity, it can be helpful in ways that go beyond its intentional function..

It is extremely important to fill out your entire LinkedIn profile. Not only will this provide a clear picture of your history, experience and abilities, but will make it easier for others to discover you via search.

Still, there are many more tips for finding LinkedIn success.

In an article written for, 13 members of the Young Entrepreneur Council were asked to provide creative tips for generating leads on LinkedIn.

The article is titled, 13 Creative Ways to Use LinkedIn for Lead Generation, and offers these tips and more:

  • Participate in discussions: “There are targeted discussion groups on LinkedIn for almost every niche imaginable….Give your expert knowledge freely, and start relationships in these groups.” - Patrick Conley

  • Research profile views: “LinkedIn has a feature that shows you people who visited your profile...Someone who spent time on your profile is likely a lead worth reaching out to.” - Devesh Dwivedi

  • Publish articles: “If you utilize LinkedIn to educate leads, you’ll provide more value and ultimately form stronger relationships.” - Kelsey Meyer

These tips provide a blueprint for how and where to start improving sales via LinkedIn. As the professional's social media platform, LinkedIn can be an asset, in terms of networking, gathering prospects and nurturing leads.


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