The Advertising of Things.

When the internet is everywhere - in every device & machine - so will advertisements. The whole world will be covered in commercials.

Picture Times Square.


Whether we like it or not, this is our future – a world covered, top-to-bottom, with advertisements. It’s only a matter of time.

Times Square is the epicenter of the advertising world. Every available inch covered in brand images, ad copy & promotional displays.

Wherever there are eyes…

Times Square looks, sounds & feels the way it does for a very simple reason - wherever there are eyes, advertisers will pay to be there.


According to Forbes, nearly 50,000 people visit Times Square each day – that’s 26 million each year! The entire place is covered in ads for a very simple reason – there are nearly 100,000 eyes looking around each day.

Considering the daily foot-traffic that passes through the streets of Times Square, it’s no surprise companies are willing to pay top-dollar for prime placement.

The Internet of (Every)Things

The internet is shifting from a place where we “go online,´ to a thing we can touch – something that’s everywhere, at all times. What was once only accessible on a computer, can now be visited from our phones, wrists, cars & even our refrigerators.

And this trend isn’t showing any signs of reversal.

Before long, the internet will be everywhere we look. In every device & every machine. The line between the “real world” & the “digital world” will begin to blur.


We’ll cease thinking of the internet as a tool, but rather an extension of reality. We’re already coming close.

The internet of things, or IoT, is already moving in that direction. The internet will soon be as much a part of our world as steel, glass or wood. It will be in everything, at all times.

Adverts, Adverts Everywhere & Not a Spot to Think

So what happens when IoT takes over?

When everything is connected to the internet, at all times, then everything can become an advertisement display.

As we get accustomed to accessing information, media & the internet on a wider variety of real-world objects, we will expect everything to be “online.” And as the internet expands & becomes available everywhere, so will the amount of personal information we share.

Due to convenience, we’re already willing to share our deepest secrets with Google, Apple & Facebook. Most people already accept it’s easier to let websites & apps record our search history, purchase behavior, physical location & more.

Before long, our fridge will know more about us than our closest friends.


When this day comes, we will no longer be able to escape advertisements. Our entire world will look like Times Square.

Every window will be connected to the internet – capable of displaying personalized products as we walk down the street. It’s not long before our refrigerator starts showing us commercials for milk & eggs. How long before our Fitbit or running shoes start promoting vitamins & protein powder?

These are just the low-hanging fruit of ideas. There’s no way to know exactly what items will become the future of IoT – my guess is almost everything.  


Which means every square inch of our world will be capable of connecting us to the internet, & in turn, showing us ads.

Imagine the Promotional Possibilities

Imagine driving in your car, which “talks” to a billboard as your approach. Now the billboard can show a custom ad, just for you, as you drive past. Within seconds, your car’s display shows an extended commercial for the same product – giving you an option to buy it with a simple voice command.

Not interested in buying it now? No problem, your car will “talk” to your phone, which will “talk” to your front door & thermostat the moment you get home. Within seconds your watching a commercial while trying to turn on the A/C.

This is the future. This is our future. Whether we like it or not, our entire world will look like Times Square.

When the internet is everywhere, all around us, at all times, everything will compete for our attention. And as we know, wherever there are eyes, advertisers will pay to be there.