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Blog samples written for businesses and brands, across multiple industries. All blogs written using target keywords, optimizing for web, publishing to the website, graphic design and branding. 

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Blog Samples

Business: Fred Astaire Dance Studio
Industry: Dance, Fitness

Title: 14 Reasons Why Dance Lessons Make the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift
Excerpt: "Break from the same old routine and get on the ballroom dance floor!"

Business: Sweet Life Wellness
Industry: Health & Wellness, Personal Coaching

Title: Finding Inspiration At The EWomenNetwork Conference
Excerpt: "Most women entrepreneurs have a mission and purpose to help others reach their goals."

Business: Exinent
Industry: Technology, Web Development, eCommerce

Title: Upgrading To Magento 2.0 is Essential
Excerpt: "The Magento 2.0 upgrade comes with a host of improvements “to performance, scalability, security and compatibility."

Business: WeFitU
Industry: Fitness, Personal Training

Title: Top 5 Reasons To Sign Up For WeFitU Fitness Boot Camp
Excerpt: "Fitness Boot Camp isn’t just for workout experts, it can get everyone in shape."

Business: Exinent
Industry: Technology, Web Development, eCommerce

Title: Magento Security Tips for Beginners
Excerpt: "If you’re not actively protecting your Magento site, every single day, and taking the proper steps to eliminate security vulnerabilities and flaws, you’re putting your entire site at risk."

Business: Beef Jerky Outlet
Industry: Food, Retail

Title: Beef Jerky Snacks for the Big Game
Excerpt: "We’ve gathered a few of our favorite recipes for cooking with, of course, beef jerky. "

Business: Sweet Life Wellness
Industry: Health & Wellness, Personal Coaching

Title: Daphne’s Video Testimonial For Sweet Life Wellness
Excerpt: "Daphne lost 25 pounds with the help of Kay and her Sweet Life Wellness coaching program."

Business: GameTime
Industry: Entertainment Center, Food & Drink

Title: Skeeball Should Be in the Olympics
Excerpt: "Let’s be honest, not all Olympic sports require an incredible amount of athletic ability. "

Business: David Hampton
Industry: Fashion, Style, eCommerce

Title: David Hampton Sells Luxury Leather Goods for Men
Excerpt: "Since 1983, David Hampton has been providing superior leather goods and gifts for men and women around the world."