Welcome to Dan Christensen’s digital portfolio.

Dan Christensen is a digital marketing specialist & online branding expert, with over 10+ years of experience in marketing, advertising & technology. 

BecauseYouGoogledMe, here I am.

On this website you'll find: Dan Christensen's resume, digital marketing portfolio, blog, contact information, kantspelle marketing info & social media links.  showcases Dan’s work as an online marketer; to help you learn more about him, his skills, experience & abilities. 

Dan Christensen’s digital portfolio, at your fingertips.

All of the content on this website (including the blog articles & social media posts) represents Dan's digital identity & marketing footprint. While each piece of content stands on its own, this entire website, as a whole, is the digital portfolio.

From the copy and graphics, to web design and SEO, BecauseYouGoogledMe is what Dan can do as a digital marketer for small businesses, brands & startups.

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kantspelle marketing provides digital marketing services for small business, by small business.

Dan Christensen's online resume, professional experience & references.

BecauseYouGoogledMe Blog shares marketing tips & social media commentary.

Samples of digital marketing work performed by Dan Christensen.