Digital Marketing

kantspelle marketing offers turnkey digital marketing solutions for small businesses and brands. 

Anything that involves marketing a business online is offered by kantspelle marketing. Digital marketing services are for small businesses that need a little bit of everything. 

Digital marketing involves promoting products/services, growing the brand, advertising on search engines and social media, and generating leads/sales.

Digital marketing strategies and plans, which incorporate all of the various digital marketing elements, help businesses gain new and returning customers.


Digital Marketing Services

Keyword Research

  • Build list of target keywords & phrases, based on goals, competition, audience & popularity.
  • Target keyword lists used for web copy, SEO, PPC advertising, copywriting and social media.

Online Advertising

  • Develop online advertising strategies to increase site traffic, lead generation & conversions.
  • Manage campaigns on Google AdWords, social media, Bing Ads, affiliates & digital media platforms.

Social Media

  • Manage social media pages, post engaging content regularly, grow followers & raise digital awareness.
  • Curate & share trending content, while managing social media advertising campaigns.

Digital Strategy

  • Develop marketing & advertising campaigns, based on market research, & competitive analysis,.
  • Perform keyword research to promote brand-building, digital marketing strategies. 

Web Design

  • Design web pages, landing pages, lead generation pages & blogs, using CMS platforms.,  
  • Optimize web content and build branded user experiences across websites.

Site Optimization

  • Perform SEO audits on websites, analyze keyword strategy, & update metadata.
  • Design web pages that promote organic search discovery, through White Hat ONLY.

Web Copy Writing

  • SEO web copy written for websites, web pages, landing pages, blogs & articles.
  • Copy writing for email, promotional material, digital media & social media. 

Digital Media

  • Creating, publishing & sharing engaging digital media on websites & social media pages.
  • Digital media production include: online videos, podcasts, graphics, webinars & content.

Website Analytics

  • Analysis of website performance, engagement, demographics & KPIs.
  • Analytics reports include: site traffic, conversions, engagement & leads

Full Service Digital Marketing

  • Turnkey digital marketing solutions for small businesses & brands.
  • Offering a complete package of digital  marketing  & online advertising services.