Pay-Per-Click Advertising

kantspelle marketing offers pay-per-click (PPC) advertising services to small businesses and brands looking to advertise online, on Google, search engines and social media.

Pay-per-click advertising campaigns focus on specific business objectives and landing pages.

PPC Advertising

Through the development of optimized landing pages, customer segmentation and engaging ad copy and images, PPC advertising quickly promotes products and services.

PPC advertising promotes business and brands to potential customers on search engines, websites and social media pages. Keywords and audiences are auctioned to the best performing and most relevant ads.

PPC Advertising Services

Google AdWords

Managing Google AdWords & online advertising campaigns, including writing ad groups, designing graphics & optimizing bids to generate conversions.

Social Media Advertising

Developing social media advertising campaigns, to promote page growth, drive site traffic and convert social users into leads and sales.

Landing Page Design

Designing landing pages for advertising campaigns, to improve conversions, drive targeted users to page & generate conversions.

Bing Ads

Manage Bing Ads campaigns and designing ads to appear on Bing search result pages for relevant and targeted keywords.

Ad Copywriting

Writing ad copy for campaigns, calls-to-action & product descriptions, across online advertising and social media platforms.

Market Research

Research competitors, industry, keywords and audiences to develop PPC advertising and SEO strategies for continued advertising performance.